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It Takes Two to Tango

May 5th, 2011 by Tim in Uncategorized

We launched www.filmnet.com in November 2009 and watched it flourish into a great film sharing and viewing community. We hope visitors and members alike have been enjoying the site and we wish to thank you for your continued support!

Today we have some very cool news for all FilmNet users!

We are launching a new site Alternion.com which will provide you with additional opportunities both in content distribution and in social networking.

It started over a year ago when we were thinking about expanding the FilmNet concept to a wider audience. At FilmNet we aggregate independent films, reviews, professional listings, and other content for filmmakers and film lovers. Meanwhile, the social web is becoming more fragmented every day with the numbers of user accounts, friends, followers, updates, photos, videos, blogs, email and instant messages increasing exponentially. That gave us the inspiration to develop a more global “aggregator”.

After an intense year of development, we’re proud to present Alternion.com, your personal content aggregation and communication center. It enables you to combine and manage all your social accounts, including your updates, photos and videos from Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and other networks. You can also view your friend updates, photos, and videos from other networks, combine and send all of your email and direct messages, create a consolidated social address book, post to other services, and much more. You can find more details in the Alternion blog, as well as in the About and Help sections there.

Don’t worry, Alternion is not going to replace FilmNet. It’s a separate project and you can start enjoying it today!

Alternion is currently in private beta mode, open only to select few users, while we are making sure that everything works fine. The rest of the world is not allowed to see the site quite yet. However, if you’ve had a FilmNet account since before April 30th, 2011 (in other words, longer than a week ago from the date of this post) you have been granted the access to Alternion!

You can login to Alternion with your FilmNet username or email, and your FilmNet password (if you forgot the latter, you can set up a new one via the ‘Forgot password’ link on Alternion). For your convenience, your FilmNet profile data have been automatically exported to Alternion, including photos, videos, and even subscribers and subscriptions. Your privacy settings have been kept intact. If you wish, you can delete your Alternion account at any time at http://www.alternion.com/settings/account/.

There are plenty of ways how you can enjoy and leverage our new site. If you are a filmmaker or a film school/festival, you can consolidate your videos, photos and updates from different networks on Alternion, giving your fans a universal place to follow all your latest uploads and news. If you are a film lover, you can combine and follow updates and videos from your friends and subscriptions elsewhere. And if you are an avid social networker, you can consolidate and manage all of your social accounts and emails from one place.

You cannot upload videos or photos on Alternion just yet, but don’t worry, we are finalizing these features, and they will be available soon.

And we’re just getting started! We encourage you to login to Alternion and follow the Alternion blog for future updates about this project. We are hoping it will become one more home for you!

Of course, please also feel free to contact us at FilmNet via our ‘Feedback’ form at the bottom of each page or via info@filmnet.com should you have any questions, comments or ideas. We are always listening and will be happy to assist you.


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