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Festival Name: West Hollywood International Film Festival

Category: Features, Shorts, Documentary

Established: 2007

Location: West Hollywood, CA, United States

Overview: The West Hollywood International Film Festival (WHIFF) founded in 2007 by Martin De Luca, in its inaugural year, is soon to be West Hollywood's premier festival destination. Filmmaking, by nature, is an intensely collaborative, creative, and communicated art form. It takes a diverse range of personalities and talent to see a film to completion. Filmmaking is a dream of many around the planet, regardless of race, nationality, color or language. Filmmaking transcends and seeks to eliminate the barriers of society.

What started as a local industry in Southern California emerging from a new and exciting technology that captured motion on film, has blossomed into a worldwide interconnected web of positive collaboration. WHIFF is a celebration of our shrinking global village. Visually, film speaks in all languages, to all people, of all ages. Film shows us who we are as a global culture, what goals we share, what triumphs we have together, and the tragedies we stoically face.

WHIFF is here to celebrate that triumphant rise of Hollywood as a leader in filmmaking, its influence on filmmaking around the world, and now, with WHIFF, its celebratory return to the stage that made it famous. By bringing filmmakers and their films from around the world to West Hollywood , the WHIFF shows its support and dedication to the world being created all around us, an increasingly connected world.

Source: www.whiff2008.com

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West Hollywood International Film Festival

West Hollywood, CA, United States
August 5 - 8, 2009


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West Hollywood International Film Festival, August 5 - 8, 2009

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