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Ken (2006)

Short Film (17:21)

Genre: Action & Adventure

Director: Eric Won

Synopsis: Ken, a homeless boy gets into a fight with another boy on the street. Jack, an illegal arms dealer boss saves Ken's life and he brings Ken home. 20 years later their relationship becomes father and son. Another arms dealer boss tries to take over ...Read more

Ace of Clubs, Ace of Hearts

Short Film (18:10)

Genre: Action & Adventure

Synopsis: An ultimate low budget gangster short film in which I tried to prove money is not an issue.

50€ budget + 199€ digital video camera.Read more


Short Film (07:07)

Genre: Action & Adventure

Synopsis: An Eskimo hunter sets out to the stormy blizzards of the snowy mountains in search for a pray to hunt. The hunter stumbles upon an unlikely prey, an egg that just hatched out of the snow and mistakes the hunter for it's mother. But when the angry ...Read more

Synopsis: Created by Vancouver Film School student Timothy Brooks through the VFS Writing for Film & Television program.Read more

Three Jerks

Short Film (08:01)

Genre: Action & Adventure

Synopsis: Monza, Italy, 1885... Three persons ride on their own horse. They are going to a little town where people spend their time drinking, eating... What will happens?Read more