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A dance/documentary film exploring issues concerning the relationships of people to their environment, their family and migration through the eyes of three East London families.

Type: Trailer

Genre: Documentary

Tags: anton califano red desert carlos ruiz festivals documentary portugal trailer pedro neves

World Premier Dance On Screen International Festival. London. UK. November 2002.
Internacional Premier Dancescreen Festival. Monaco. December 2002.
Dance Films Association. New York. USA. January 2003.
International Film Festival Video Dansa Morca. Barcelona. Spain. February 2003.
International Film Festival Raindance. East London. UK. March 2003.
Muestra Videodanza. Gijon. Spain. October 2003.
Hamburg International Short Film Festival. Hamburg. Germany. June 2003.
Cologne Short Film Festival. Cologne. Germany. September 2003.
International Film Festival Oxford House. London. UK. November 2003.
International Film Festival Tanzfilm. Cologne. Germany. January 2004.
International Film Festival Europa Kino Cologne. Cologne. Germany. May 2004.
International Film Festival Imagenes Jovenes. Buenos Aires. Argentina. November 2004.
International Film Festival Tensdansa, Festival Iberoamericano de Cortos. Barcelona. Spain. October 2006.
Cast & Crew
Colour: 16mm
Sound: Stereo
Year of Production: 2002
Original Version: English
Duration: 10'
Country: UK

Director, Editor: Anton Califano
Producer: Dhiraj Mahey
Concept/Choreographer: Jo Parkes
Director of Photography: Mark Raeburn
Composer: Robert Wells
Co-editor: Simon Aeppli
Sound design: Fabrice Pougnard

Laura Anne Smith & family, Nanthu Kumar & family, Ervin Hysa & family