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mindfruit  Maestro
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As the War in Europe rages, a young composer prepares for his debut - unaware that the United States has already prepared a draft for nearly a million soldiers. While he is thrust into a war he never asked to fight, the final blow comes after the last shot is fired, and he returns to New York. A short film of epic proportions - which took nearly a year... (More)

Type: Short Film

Genre: Drama

Tags: war student film music orchestra world war trench 35mm

Cast & Crew
Directed by Damon Stea

Starring Daniel Kash as Maestro

With the talents of Sean Lask as The Recruit and Philip Dye as The Veteran and Andrew Corbett as The Trench Boy

Produced by Sean Lask

Cinematography by Damon Stea

2nd Unit Cinematography by Cassandra Chowdhury

Editing by Damon Stea and Cassandra Chowdhury

Sound Design by Damon Stea and Cassandra Chowdhury with Production Assistance by Jessica Erberich