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reddesert  To Anyone Who Can Hear Me
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Mother and son, running away from abusing husband and father. A young couple about to became parents. A little girl going to school. A stressed business man. A broken hearted girl. All together in a train journey, telling the life story of an old couple. "Never seek anything outside yourself, everything lies in your own heart" stays out loud in this... (More)

Type: Trailer

Genre: Drama

Tags: to anyone who can hear me red desert carlos ruiz pedro neves portugal black and white 16mm film drama festival internacional figueira da foz awards

At the International Film Festival of Figueira Da Foz, Portugal To Anyone Who Can Hear Me won two major awards: Grand Prix for Best Feature Film and International Press Critics Award. September 1999.
At the International Film Festival of Famalição, Portugal (June 2001) Special Honour Distinction. June 2001.

World Premier at International Film Festival of Taormina. Itália. Julho. 1999.
International Premier at International Film Festival of Cinema da Figueira da Foz. 1999.
National Premier at International Cinema Festival of Madrid. Espanha. 1999.
International Cinema Festival Famafest of Famalicão. Portugal. 2001.
International Film Festival Sienna. Italy.2000.
International Film Festival Taormina. Italy.1999.
International Film Festival New British Expo. Edimburg. UK.1999.
International Film Festival Split. Croacia.1999.
Cast & Crew
Colour: 16mm
Sound: Stereo
Year of Production: 1999
Original Version: English
Duration: 88'
Country: UK

Directed by: Carlos Ruiz

Producers: Carlos Ruiz & Anton Califano

Director of Photography: Tim Green

Edited by: Anton Califano
Sound Design: Carlos Ruiz, Anton Califano

Nicole Marlene
Hugh Gallagher
Anthony Biggs
Camilla Vella
Nathan McHugh
Julie Bevan
Hannah Scrimshaw
Martin Laughton
Rth Posner