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Why Filmnet?

FilmNet is a unique content-based social network combining three major web experiences:

  • You can find and watch high quality films, animation, web series and music videos, which are unique and entertaining and often not found on television or commercial sites.
  • You can find friends with the same taste in movies or music and socialize with them on your profile, upload your photos and create and share photo albums, access real-time updates and chat live with your friends.
  • If you are a filmmaker, actor, musician or other kind of artist, or you represent a film festival or a film school, you can use your profile as a way to communicate with your audience and generate a following. You can upload your own images, videos and also have a free professional listing in our Network database.
I am a filmmaker. Can I make money on FilmNet?

FilmNet has been built with the vision of helping independent content creators reach a greater audience and monetize their work. We went live very recently and are working on implementing monetization on our site and through distribution on other platforms. Content owners will be able to collect a revenue share from banners and video ads on their videos.

We are also working on many other distribution and revenue opportunities, so stay tuned!

I am a musician. What can FilmNet offer me?

FilmNet is an excellent promotion tool for musicians and bands. Our Network database features a dedicated section for Musicians which contains searchable listings of many independent artists. User profiles of “Musician” type can be customized with information, artwork, tour schedule and more.

If you are an artist that has music videos, FilmNet is an ideal place to feature them in high quality in our top Music section, which presents music videos and live performances conveniently organized by types and genres. If you have not yet had any videos produced, you can use the FilmNet community to find individual filmmakers or companies that can help you produce a professional video in your area.

How does your toolbar work?

The toolbar is located at the bottom of the browser window when you are on any page of FilmNet.com and provides a convenient way to navigate the entire site and communicate with your friends.

The “Settings” button opens a condensed version of the top menu as well as a few additional shortcuts to important sections of FilmNet. These can be dragged to change the order for your convenience, as well as added or removed from the toolbar.

The “Share” button allows you to quickly post a link to the current page of FilmNet on other popular social networking sites. A menu opens, listing these sites. Simply select one and you will be taken to it with a prepared link post ready to publish. (You will need to have an account on that website in order to post).

The “Translate” button uses the Google Language tools to generate a translated version of the page you are viewing in other languages. In the near future, internally translated (regional) versions of FilmNet will become available. For now, the Translate button is a convenient way to keep the site accessible to non-English speakers.

The 6 icons to the right of the “Translate” button are direct shortcuts to key sections of FilmNet. Hovering over each icon displays a hint with the section name. The icons can be dragged to change their order. You can also remove these shortcuts or add others using the “Settings” button on the left.

On the right side, the Chat button (which indicates how many of your friends are currently online) opens an instant messaging chat. The chat allows you to communicate with friends directly, in real-time. The top of the chat window allows you to create groups to keep your list of friends organized.

The notifications button appears as a calendar date, and in fact displays the date of the current month. Pressing it displays a list of notifications about the latest activity by your friends – new comments, messages, friend invites, etc.

The very last button on the right is the “Hide” button. Pressing it makes the toolbar disappear to make more space for the page. The button itself always remains visible and pressing it again restores the toolbar.

How can I find what I like to watch on FilmNet?

FilmNet is a great place to find original films, web series and music videos you may not have seen before, as well as to watch your web video favorites in high quality. Aside from a robust global search at the top of any page and local search within each section, all relevant sections contain an intuitive browse menu on the left. It allows you to filter and sort the results quickly to find what you like.

How does the FilmNet video player work?

Clicking the thumbnail of any title in the Films and Music sections opens the playback page of that video. The video is displayed in our high quality player. The player has a large viewing area and a control bar at the bottom.

The control bar allows you to pause/play and to jump to any point in the video. This is done by hovering over the central part of the control bar which is the video’s timeline. During this, a small box appears above the timeline, indicating a point in time (in minutes:seconds). Clicking a point starts playing the video from that point. There is also an expansion button in the time indicator box. When activated, it opens a small thumbnail screen which displays a real-time preview of the video frame at a given point in time!

To the right of the timeline is the current/total time indicator. To the right of that is the volume control. The next button activates full screen display causing the video to fill the entire area of your monitor. The control bar remains visible in full screen more and a second pressing of the full screen button brings the player back to normal size. (This can also be done by pressing the Esc key).

On the right side of the control bar is the player’s Menu button. This button displays options for sharing the video with others, playing it in a separate window and dimming the brightness of the page.

Many of the videos on our site are available in high definition. For such videos you will notice the “HD” button on the right side of the player control bar. Click this button at any moment and the video will switch to HD quality. It will continue playing from that spot without jumping to the beginning.

A more compact version of the player appears on users’ profile pages as well as on Show pages. This player works the same way. (And even this compact player has a minimum resolution of 640x360 pixels.)

What is a Show page?

Many filmmakers create episodic content or wish to group their videos by topic or style. On FilmNet they can organize such videos into “shows”. You can browse all such shows in the Shows section (makes sense, right?). The page of an individual show displays all the videos included in that show, and the player at the top shows the videos directly on the page. You can select different episodes from the playlist to the right, and the player will start playing them without reloading the entire page.

Below, individual videos can be accessed to be viewed on their own playback pages. The author of the show and the list of subscribers can also be found on the page. You can subscribe to your favorite shows and be notified when new episodes are published.

I make videos. What kind of material can I upload?

FilmNet encourages the publication of original, creative, interesting and high quality video content: short films, features, animation, music videos, sketches, web series, etc. But ultimately, any kind of video is welcome, as long as it does not violate the terms of our Member Agreement.

How can I upload my videos?

Once logged-in, you can start an upload any time by clicking the “Upload” button in the top menu. You will be taken to a simple upload form. You can select the video file from your computer and fill out the rest of the information while the file is uploading. The speed of the upload depends on the size of your file and the speed of your internet connection.

Our upload system supports multiple uploads, which means that at any time during the upload of your first video you can press the button “Upload More” (located at the bottom of the page) and start uploading another video, and then another… as many as you want!

Does FilmNet screen video submissions? Could my video be rejected?

There is no screening process for uploaded videos. Typically a video is immediately processed and published on your profile as soon as possible. We periodically check some videos to ensure that they don’t violate the terms of our Member Agreement in terms of copyright or inappropriate content.

But automatically published videos do not appear in the Films section, only on the author’s profile. Profile videos are just as accessible and can be embedded on other sites. Our editors regularly browse and review various videos and decide which to include in the Films section. If you would like to nominate a film for the Films section, let us know at content@filmnet.com.

How long will it take for my video to get published?

Typically it takes only a few minutes from the time a video finishes uploading to the moment it becomes viewable on the site. Depending on site traffic and other factors it can take longer. If your video is not published after 12 hours and you have not received any notification as to why, please let us know at content@filmnet.com.

What kind of movie reviews can I find on FilmNet?

The Reviews section features reviews of films on FilmNet, DVD releases, theatrical releases as well as various noteworthy movies of the past. There are also fascinating interviews about some of the talented filmmakers featured on FilmNet.

Who writes your reviews? Can I add my movie reviews or comment on other reviews?

We have writers on staff and also feature many reviews from other contributors. Any user can add his/her commentary to the main reviews. If you’d like to be a contributing writer, please let us know at content@filmnet.com.

How do I interact with others on FilmNet?

There are many ways to interact on FilmNet. You can leave comments on videos, pictures, profiles and other areas. You can communicate your status to your friends using the status update on your own profile page. You can send direct (email style) messages to any other member and chat in real time with friends using the chat feature in the bottom toolbar. If you’re feeling particularly creative, you can even add your own extensive commentary to the articles in the Reviews section.

You can also participate in the Forum which is a place to discuss many different subjects with other FilmNet members. The Forum is accessible through the “Community” button in the top menu.

If you’d like to interact with the team behind FilmNet and to stay updated on the site’s latest news and developments, you should also follow our blog, located in the Community section.

Can I upload my photos?

Yes. The Photos tab of your profile allows you to upload as many photos as you like and organize them into albums to share with friends and other FilmNet members.

What is the difference between friends and subscribers?

Friends are FilmNet members connected through mutual consent. They can see each other’s status updates and also receive video recommendation based on friends’ interests. They are listed on your profile as your friends. Friends can also chat with reach other using the toolbar chat. Any member can invite friends.

Subscribers are members who choose to follow the updates of another member or show. Subscribers to someone’s profile can follow that individual’s updates, newly posted photos and videos, but cannot communicate directly with the individual, except through a direct message. Subscribers to shows are notified when new episodes are published.

Can I create several shows from one account?

If you have videos that have been accepted into the Films or Music section you can create as many shows as you like under one account. They will appear in the Shows section.

What is the FilmNet Network database?

The Network is an extensive set of listings about films, filmmakers, musicians, companies, schools and film festivals. It’s a great place to find information, locate professionals or, if you are listed in it, to use as an online resume and work portfolio. The database is highly organized and detailed, with robust view options and an advanced search. Any member can submit corrections to information about films, but people can only submit corrections about their own network pages.

How can I add myself to the database or edit my information?

You can create a new listing for yourself or your film by clicking the “Add your profile” link in the right column. You can edit the information of an existing listing or the “Edit Info” link to the right of the tabs on any Network page. When you create of modify your own page, the info is updated instantly. For all other submitted edits, the info is verified by our editors prior to being added to the page.

What is the difference between User Profile and Network Profile?

The user profile is your personal space on the site. You can fill it with any information you like and administer its content (updates, comments, friends, pictures, videos) instantly at all times. All FilmNet members have a user profile. The Network profile is your professional listing in the Network section of FilmNet. Its information is kept accurate and relevant to your professional background, and any changes are verified by FilmNet editors. Not all FilmNet members have a Network profile. Only filmmakers, musicians or other professionals with verifiable credits in their industry are listed.

Do I need to register?

You do not need to register to browse and view any of the videos on our site, to read reviews, browse and view the Network and profiles which are not set up as private. But registering allows you to have a profile of your own, to write status updates, comment on videos and profiles and to otherwise communicate and participate with others on the site. As a registered user you can also create playlists, upload photos and videos of your own and edit the Network database. Joining is free, easy and provides a more enjoyable FilmNet experience. Go for it!

How does Facebook Connect work? Can I login through other third-party accounts?

Facebook Connect allows you to log into FilmNet using your existing Facebook account. When you click the “Facebook Connect” button in the header, you will be prompted to enter your Facebook email and password. (We do not see or keep this data. It gets submitted directly to the Facebook servers). If you are already signed into Facebook in a different browser tab or window, then clicking “Facebook Connect” on FilmNet will instantly log you in without having to type anything.

Your name, information and picture will appear as on Facebook, but you can modify them on FilmNet as you wish. You can use all the features of FilmNet just as if you were logged-in under a genuine FilmNet account. The only limitation is that you will be unable to receive email notifications from FilmNet. But this can be fixed by verifying your email address in your account settings, while logged in through Facebook Connect.



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