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Profession: Animator

Years Experience: 33

Biography: His persistent work on numerous graphic techniques resulted in gaining the status of a qualified graphic designer granted to him by the Ministry of Culture and Art in 1984, after the presentation of his works and achievements in graphic competitions as well as the recommendations of Professor Leszek Rózga and Professor Ryszard Hunger. It encouraged him to further development of his metal techniques skills and enabled him to sell his etchings and aquatints in some well-known galleries. Up till then, during his a few years' stay in Wrocław, he had been able to present and sell linocuts irn Stary Rynek, being a kind of local attraction. It helped him enter the world of creative cycles. He recall with a lot of affection one of his first individual exhibitions in the student theatre 'Pstrąg' in Łódź.

At this time he was overwhelmed by the ever-lasting human passion and longing for 'taking off' from the ground. In the pioneer time of hang gliding he tried to be better than the famous Leonardo. Not only did he design but also built and flew some rag-piped gliding apparatuses, which means hang-gliders.

After taming the ferocious machine and taking part in many competitions he managed to win the Championship of Poland in Motorgliding in 1991. In the same year he bought his first computer (16 MHz, monochromatic system and monitor). The dynamic development of information technology opened his eyes to the new virtual world. After mastering the 2D graphics, it was time to deal with the 3D graphics and it turned out to be his great fascination. He gradually went into this complicated technique. He continued improving his skills in the virtual world, he dealt with advertising, and at the same time, for a few years, accompanied by respectable people, he went across our beautiful Polish mountains, travelling by MTB bike.

The highest point he reached on my bike was Śnieżka. He participated in numerous mountain marathons, including the killing Danielki 2001. Then a disease forced him to go for many walks with a camera and it was when he discovered the charm of the old industrial Łódź. The computer and 3D technique helped him to protect from oblivion the Łódź surresalist atmosphere. Recording the atmosphere of the past Łódź took me 3 years and resulted in 3 cycles, 150 graphic works After cycling there was the time for inline skating, which means fast long-distance rides and participation in marathons. At the time of his struggle with graphics and various extreme sports he did a job of a bricklayer, a designer's assistant in designing agencies, a DTP operator, and finally, after the change of the political system, he started his own graphic design business.

Spoken Languages: English, Polish

Daniel Zagorski

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