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Profession: Agent, Director, Director of Photography, Producer, Production Manager, Writer

Years Experience: 17

Biography: Kevin CW Maistros, born in Cleveland, Ohio, has found himself immersed within the music, film, fashion, and entertainment industry since the early age of 14. Now at the helm of a fully functional media development company, he has become widely known and recognized for his unique artistry and innovative approach.

Early on, Kevin was influenced heavily by his family and their own history in entertainment. His grandmother, Lynette Maistros, a well known theatrical director and actress, involved Kevin in various productions throughout his childhood. More significantly, his great-grandfather, Sherllie Braithwait, was the very first art director in motion picture history, who worked with Edison and the Lumire Brothers on the first moving pictures. It would be no surprise that his interests took to directing film later on.

Maistros began his work as an artist and fashion designer in the professional skating industry. Kevin toured around the country making skating documentaries with his friends and fellow skaters while working for Fiction Clothing, the original apparel brand based in rollerblading, under company founder, Chris Garrett. It was with Garrett later that Kevin founded the Rolling Foundation Competition Circuit (RFCC), a professional skating competition series, and began touring around the US full-time.

It was on this tour that Kevin realized his childhood interests could reach fruition, as he was introduced to renowned music video director, Nigel Dick, who was shooting a music video for the rock band, Staind. Nigel was unfamiliar with a new digital camera he was using for B-Roll while on the road with the band. This was the same camera Maistros was using for his early skating films, and was asked for advice by Nigel. The two stayed in brief contact after this meeting, and under the guidance of Dick, Kevin began creating countless music videos for unsigned artists, often with no budget. It was this freedom from commercial influence and censorship that allowed Kevin to cultivate his own process, style, and vision as a director.

Kevin holds that this vision extends far past the music video itself, and into creating immersive, best-of-breed experiences that encompass all forms of media, which not only fits the artist, but gives them a broader stage to communicate their message. These prolific ideals extend the value of his productions countless times over, and are currently unmatched by any other traditional production company in the music video industry.

Perhaps Kevin has become most known for stretching the boundaries of the music video by employing the latest technological advances in cinema before any other. Kevin has helped design and test some of the most sought-after developments by independent film makers. In 2003, Kevin worked with Canon and P+S Technik to ensure the Mini-35 adapter, a tool which allowed low-cost digital video to have the same aesthetic elements of expensive 35mm film, was compatible with the release of their XL-2 model camera. Later, in 2006, Maistros helped develop and test a more improved adapter with Jonathan Houser, later to be released as the Cinemek. Kevin used these products on several videos ahead of their release to the public, giving him the means to create, on a low budget, technical masterpieces previously unseen.

In 2007, Kevin became the first filmmaker to shoot an entire music video in reverse slow motion without cutting. The video, made for the side-project act for Puddle of Mudd guitarist, Christian Stone, was made with the singer performing backwards and at two and a half times the normal speed of the song, in order to achieve the desired effect.

Kevin is also experienced through the realm of more traditional cinematography. In February 2004, Kevin traveled to the country of Nicaragua to produce, direct, and shoot various themes and locations for commercial, tourism, and development spots. During this time he was often shooting underwater, in dangerous locations, and in the air. Having shot over the edge of a smoking volcanic crater at the top of Mount Nicaragua to operating a Steadi-Cam from the skids of an open-helicopter, Kevin has always been driven to capture nothing less than the shot he desires. Still to this day, Maistros insists on shooting at least some part of his videos. This habit leaves a personal stamp on his work which has become recognizable to many.

In 2008, Kevin produced and directed a series of film spoofs, collectively titled "Golden Popcorn" for the 2008 Mtv Movie Awards. Later, in June of 2008, he continued to employ the newest camera technology, bringing the RED One camera, which shoots at 3 times the size of HD, to Kuwait and Iraq during his production for long-time success rockers, Puddle of Mudd.

Education: Apopka High School, Diploma, Art, Art History, Music, 2000 — 2001.

Spoken Languages: English

Additional Skills: Portrait and Fashion Photography, Fashion Design and Marketing, Underwater Photography, Graphic and Web Design, Creative Writing, Steadi-Cam Operation.

Source: www.kvnfilm.com

Kevin CW Maistros

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