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A Nightmare on Elm Street

Released: 1984

Genre: Horror

Runtime: 1 hr 31 min

MPAA Rating: R

Director: Wes Craven

Starring: John Saxon, Ronee Blakely

Freddy Krueger terrorizes the teenagers of Springwood, Ohio. The series reboot is due in 2010.

It's the surreality that makes this one different

Review by: EvilWolfie

Added: 8 years ago

I never thought I would say this about a teen slasher film but: Holy jumping mother o'God in a side-car with chocolate jimmies and a lobster bib! That wasn't half bad! Well, actually it was half bad, I just prefer to focus on the not bad half. First off, Freddy is a crazy looking fucker, all burnt and evil and shit. His voice is the demonic kind of low that you wouldn't expect a skinny bastard like that to have. Best of all he doesn't have to abide to the rules of reality. It's the surreality that makes this one different from pieces of flaming crap like Halloween and Friday 13th. This is because surreality = imagination, and imagination is GOOD. Then again, it still hits most horror movie pitfalls, such as cookie cutter stereotypes, ultra predictability, general stupidity from every character, police officers that ignore cries for help, and the inexplicable use of strobes and space sounds in the soundtrack (damn the 80's!). But how can you hate anything in which Johnny Depp gets eaten by his bed and then spewed onto the bedroom ceiling? I can't, that's for sure.