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A Real Good Job


By: openconceptfilms

Genre: Drama

Added: 8 years ago

Views: 339

Deep River (Teaser Trailer) www.deepriverseries.com Roxy and Edward are residents of Deep River. They are known for being troubled and irresponsible. Recently evicted from their home, Edward has come across a possible solution for their financial challenges.

A titillating sneak peek.

Review by: MiamiMovieCritic

Added: 8 years ago

This is a teaser for Deep River, an upcoming Web series about working-class people caught up in extraordinary circumstances. (Think Scott Frank's The Lookout and Steven Soderbergh's Bubble.) It’s less of a teaser than a titillating sneak peek, showing us one long scene that introduces us to two characters, Edward and Roxy.

The scene takes place in the parking lot of a strip club. Roxy is chatty and looks like she's just spent the last several hours giving table-dances. Edward has a thousand-yard stare and looks like he's been up all night hatching a get-rich-quick scheme. The couple has been evicted, and Edward has come up with a plan that will "pay a year's rent in a night's work."

Series creators Adam Stephenson (Cyberpunks, Rudolph) and Jason Lupish put us unambiguously on Roxy's side. She's beautifully backlit and delivers many of her lines in medium close-ups. Edward is never seen speaking alone on camera; the camera either stays on Roxy or shows both of them in two-shot. This editorial approach is not without its pitfalls. The girl is a much better actor – the part where she talks about how her "life is shit" is a highlight – and so we start to wonder if the editing is there to compensate for weak acting. When Edward blows up in her face, the camera cuts to two shots outside the car. This makes him less terrifying because we never actually see him getting angry.

The beautiful title card shot significantly opens up the visual possibilities for this series. It looks like a very modern, up-to-date story – very in touch with the economic anxieties of the day.