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Creepy Crawlers Attack America


By: mattmckenna

Genre: Comedy

Added: 8 years ago

Views: 51

Jim must avenge his wife's death by killing a giant snake.

Comic gold.

Review by: MiamiMovieCritic

Added: 8 years ago

“I can tell by your lab coat that you’re a scientist.”


And the funniest part is, the guy Jim’s talking to isn’t even wearing a lab coat. They’re both acting in a movie where the director thinks he can use CGI for just about anything: phones, living rooms, giant lady bugs… He’s probably right. I gather that Patrick Stewart’s cameo in Wolverine didn’t require the actor to show up on set. Creepy Crawlers Attack America is funny because it’s true.

This movie is comic gold. It’s about the filming of a monster movie, and features some very good actors pretending to be very bad actors. The director yells instructions from off screen, apparently exasperated that anyone could ever be confused by this kind of production. The part where I really lost it is what happens after he says: “Sometimes, you do NOT use CG!” And I love Jim’s progression in the film, going from being really bewildered by the process to being really into it. Priceless.

Other highlights:



"There's no way there's a giant snake in America!"

“Damn it, scientist! We've been in your lab for who knows how long now. All you've been doing is messing around with your chemicals."

Oh, and the clapper girl. She’s cute.