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Delta Delta Dead! - Vancouver Film School (VFS)


By: VancouverFilmSchool

Genre: Horror

Added: 8 years ago

Views: 128

Created by Vancouver Film School students through the VFS Film Production program.

More self-aware and sophisticated than you think.

Review by: MiamiMovieCritic

Added: 8 years ago

I had a good time watching this sorority-sisters-in-peril horror movie. There’s a maniac on the loose; pretty girls run around saying stupid things; what's not to like?

Like most horror movies, Delta Delta Dead! has a Final Girl. Scholar Carol J. Clover came up with this term in her book Men, Women and Chainsaws. It refers to the girl in horror movies who sees the danger before everyone else and is usually able to survive. Here, the Final Girl is Ivy (played by Jessica Garcia). Ivy's ethnicity, not to mention the cruel initiations she undergoes at the hands of the other Deltas, gives the film some needed subtext. Writer-director Kingslea Bueltel appears to be poking fun at the exclusive (read: white) nature of the Greek system. (For a more positive portrayal of Greek life, I recommend ABC Family’s terrific series Greek.)

Delta Delta Dead! starts out as a clichéd horror movie, but it’s more self-aware and sophisticated than you think. The twist ending makes us rethink everything that’s happened before. This the rare horror film with a head on its shoulders.