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By: RhubarbZoo

Genre: Romance

Added: 8 years ago

Views: 157

Harmony is a young girl living on a cold and desolate Earth, alone and longing for friendship. While trying to tune into a station on her home radio one night, she picks up a melody that leads her to the moon. Entropy is an emotional and dreamlike short that articulates feelings of loneliness, hope, and love.

Marvelous… the work of a genuine artist.

Review by: MiamiMovieCritic

Added: 8 years ago

Accepted into a number of film festivals, including the Manukau Film Festival and the Krok International Animation Film Festival, Entropy is a marvelous animated film about a girl who takes a trip to the moon.

She’s carried there by the wind. She looks longingly at the half-moon from a hilltop, and simply floats there like a human kite. She meets a magician who can make stars glow. What they’re able to do together can only be described as magical. The moment he leaves her – with their hands separated unwillingly – is cinematically thrilling. The movie ends poignantly, with the credits played over a Disney-style ballad.

This has all been richly imagined and designed by Kiwi animator Dane Jacobs, who wrote, directed and even composed the score. The characters are distinctly drawn with diamond-shaped faces. There are sights on the moon (especially those bubble-encased stars) that will take your breath away. The color palette of blues, yellows and greens is lovely. The costume and hair design is crazy cool. This is the work of a genuine artist.

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