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By: YoungCuts

Genre: Drama

Added: 8 years ago

Views: 7

Animated Film by Geoff Smart. A little girl escapes into a recurring dream where the ghost of her older brother awaits. www.YoungCuts.com

The short, stop-motion version of Bridge to Terabithia.

Review by: MiamiMovieCritic

Added: 7 years ago

Faded has an unusually melancholy tone for a film that’s essentially for kids. It’s like the short, stop-motion version of Bridge to Terabithia.

Nominated for Best Animated Film at the 2007 YoungCuts Film Festival, the film is about a dream a little girl has about her deceased brother. In the dream, she’s wandering in the woods when she’s visited by her brother’s ghost. The siblings play a game, and when they touch, his hand fades away.

The movie is a poignant story about coping and loss; with each passing year, the brother literally fades from view. The design of the characters (as well as the score) gives the film the feel of a mythic Native American story.