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In Vino Veritas


By: TheMinorProphets

Genre: Comedy

Added: 8 years ago

Views: 37

A tavola non s'invecchia.

One of the Prophets' most consistently funny films.

Review by: MiamiMovieCritic

Added: 8 years ago

Of all the colorful characters in the movies of The Minor Prophets, I think Setemio is my favorite. He looks like an immigrant from the late 1800s. The story takes place in 2008, but Setemio claims to have come to America somewhere around 1892 or ‘93. His Italian accent is so thick he makes Roberto Benigni sound like a native English-speaker. He's a congenial guy – until you cross him, that is. Then look out. ("You no taste-a the wine, I shoot you in the mouth!")

David Amadio gives a criminally entertaining performance. He gets to sing, dance, juggle and speak in an impossibly bad accent. Steve Kuzmick (the director of this and most other Minor Prophets projects) and Brian Gillin appear as two working stiffs from the bank who come to foreclose on Setemio's house. Kuzmick and Gillin are often the straight men in the Minor Prophets world, which also includes Gil Damon. I especially like Gillin's delivery of the line, "What do you say we pack up your stuff and find someplace else for you to be crazy?"

The movie was shot in an old cellar, where Amadio's uncle made wine for years. The uncle's house was set to be foreclosed on, and the Prophets decided to shoot something quick to pay tribute. It turned out to be a great location. The bricks and wooden barrels make the place look like what it is: a room from an earlier American era. It's sad knowing that it’s been boarded up. This is one of the Prophets' most consistently funny films.