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Jennifer’s Body

Released: 2009

Genre: Horror

Runtime: 1 hr 42 min

MPAA Rating: R

Director: Karyn Kusama

Starring: Megan Fox, Amanda Seyfried, Adam Brody, Johnny Simmons

A teenage girl gets possessed by a demon and becomes a man-eater… literally!

Entertaining and nothing more.

Review by: RichardPeter

Added: 8 years ago

I had the opportunity to see Jennifer’s Body, and I was going in thinking that it would be one of the worst movies of the year or at least one of the worse horror movies of the year but it wasn’t all that bad. I refuse to say that it was good because it wasn’t… all it was, was entertaining and nothing more. It was popcorn fun, it was stupid and some things did not make sense but I think Diablo Cody had fun with this. I had one big expectation about this movie, but it turned out to be a twist for me and perhaps some for some of the audiences too… this is NOT a vampire movie, but rather a movie about a teenage girl possessed by a demon.

To get started, I want to elaborate on some of the positive aspects of this movie; keep in mind the word ‘some.’ For starters, there were some pretty freaky scenes in the movie including some of the apparitions that Needy sees, one killings was a bit unnerving because it was silhouetted and Megan Fox all bloodied up and smiling is a bit freaky but it can also be funny seeing how this isn’t her kind of movie.

The idea of having a movie set in a small rural town with today’s youth and make it about possession was an interesting concept and it was handled quite well by Cody but there was one major problem that I had with this, and this brings me to my first negative point. Diablo Cody, after the breakthrough with Juno, established that she can write good, witty realistic teenage dialogue but for a movie like this… it seems too awkward and it kind of puts you out of the movie and some of the scarier scenes were broken because of typical teenage conversations (ex: when Jennifer is floating above the pool). I get the purpose of this, it was try to make this more realistic and Cody was having fun but it was just something that was too strange for me.

Another big issue that I had with this movie was some of the pointless scenes. The one scene that everybody went ape shit over was when Jennifer and Needy had this intimate kissing scene in which close ups of their lips and tongues were shown. Question, what was the point of this? It serves no purpose and I think that it was only in there to exploit Fox’s sexiness. Another pointless scene, that also aided in the sexiness was when Jennifer was swimming naked through the lake… then gets out naked and walks away. Again, what’s the point?

I am not going to bash Cody for this movie cause, quite honestly, there are more stupid and unentertaining movies than this and for a demon possession movie… pretty original and it does stand out from your typical teenage horror “horror-comedy” movies. There were a lot of scenes that didn’t need to be there (which makes me question why an Oscar winner would make a movie with plot holes?), some corniness and awkward conversational exchange.

It wasn’t that bad of a movie but it was far from being a good movie, it was average and it did have its laughs and some spooks but not enough to make me fully appreciate it or even or even buy it. It was original and I will give it that but if you are a horror fan looking for a good possession flick, I strongly urge you stay away from this movie but if you are a part of the younger generation of horror, then you’ll like it.