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Match Work


By: FetusFilmsInc

Genre: Drama

Added: 8 years ago

Views: 217

This is a short film about a young girl, her best friend, and their dangerous obsession of playing with matches.


Review by: MiamiMovieCritic

Added: 8 years ago

Match Work meets the Fetus Films standard of excellence: complex sound design, a terrific score by Chase Horseman, strong horror visuals and a creepy/funny story. Like Posse and Pop Spoon, it's another one of the Keelings' (that would be Aaron and Austin, the directors) imaginary friend stories. The heroine, Daisy, likes playing with matches. Her friend Billy liked playing with matches too, but Billy got burnt, so now he's a charbroiled boy who's only visible to Daisy. The friends' shared interest gets them in hot water when they run into a trio of drunken teenagers. The teens' decision to taunt Daisy turns out to be their last mistake.

The story is fine and the filmmaking is confident as always, but I'm ready for these guys to branch out. They need to get out of the woods, out of the horror genre and see what else they can come up with. Match Work definitely works, but it would be interesting to see the Keelings tackle something like, say, a romantic comedy.