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Maybe She's Wrong


By: OogleFlix

Genre: Romance

Added: 8 years ago

Views: 136

Maybe She's Wrong is a short film about a teenage girl named Lola who's mother doesn't approve of her relationship with her boyfriend, Joel. Filmed as the final assignment for my film and video class of grade 11. It was shot over two weeks, with shooting locations in both Toronto and New York City.

As preachy as it is, it couldn’t hurt teenagers to hear a story like this.

Review by: MiamiMovieCritic

Added: 8 years ago

I’ll go easy since this was made as a final assignment for a high school film and video class, but boy this thing could use some work. Particularly in the area of acting and storytelling. You see, there I go – being all snarky when I said I would go easy. I’ll behave.

One thing the filmmakers need to learn how to do is use spell check. The end credits tell us who is “staring” in the film, not who is “starring”. LOL. (Sorry.)

The best part comes when a girl in a perfectly comfortable-looking T-shirt and jean shorts asks if she can “go change into something a little more comfortable.” LMAO. (Okay, I’ll stop.)

The movie is about a teenage couple named Lola (Erica Sigurdson) and Joel (Corey Smith). Lola’s mom (Alicia Belzberg) catches them making out on the couch one day, and warns her daughter not to go too fast. Lola reacts by sneaking out of the house and going over to Joel’s place, where he gets a little aggressive. The movie ends with a heart-to-heart between mother and daughter.

Like I said, Maybe She’s Wrong isn’t exactly an accomplished piece of work. Smith and Belzberg simply can’t act, and some of their dialogue is hard to hear. Still, as preachy as it is, it couldn’t hurt teenagers to hear a story like this. Plus, the music – by Shelby Nelson – is catchy, capturing the teenage spirit the rest of the film seems to be aiming for but misses.