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Naked – Vancouver Film School


By: VancouverFilmSchool

Genre: Comedy

Added: 8 years ago

Views: 3,769

Created by Vancouver Film School student Adam Warren through the VFS Writing for Film & Television program.

A funny little comedy.

Review by: MiamiMovieCritic

Added: 8 years ago

I like this movie because it’s a writer’s showcase. Adam Grant Warren wrote the film as a Writing for Film & Television student at Vancouver Film School. He got to go through the entire production process with a professional director and crew, and he receives top billing in the end credits. How cool is that?

Warren’s script is a funny little comedy confined to one location and featuring just a few actors. It’s set in an art class, where two models are posing nude. The guy (Adam Brooks) is a bit apprehensive at first, but relaxes as he and the girl (Nicole Ann Shery) admire each other’s bodies. Their conversation turns more insulting, as she points out a long hair on his nipple and he asks her if that’s a stretch mark. Warren’s script is deceptive in that only gradually do we realize the two know each other and are a couple.

The lead actors are both game and give naturalistic performances, which is remarkable when you take into account how uncomfortable their situation on set must have been. As the art instructor, Lisa Dery hams it up a bit, but I fault the director for that. The sound design is exquisite. Every time a pencil etches something across a canvas, it’s like music to your ears. Who doesn’t want to spend 5 minutes in the company of two attractive people without their clothes on? The answer is no one. Naked is a solid project and I hope to see more work from this talented young writer.