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Ong Bak 2

Released: 2008

Genre: Action & Adventure

Runtime: 1 hr 37 min

MPAA Rating: R

Director: Tony Jaa, Panna Rittikrai

Starring: Tony Jaa

Sequel about the greatest warrior who ever lived.

Martial arts extravaganza.

Review by: EvilWolfie

Added: 8 years ago

Tony Jaa is back again to deliver yet another martial arts extravaganza of which we are all thankful. After all, nobody else seems to be doing these kinds of movies (well) these days. Surprisingly, Jaa's first attempt at being director turns out quite nicely. He's willing to demonstrate his genuine creativity and skill with the camera capturing a dark gritty atmosphere and a lot of (what I believe to be) colorful Thai culture. If only the same could be said about his acting. Jaa, who has the charisma of a jagged rock, says maybe one word throughout the entire movie. A blessing in disguise? Possibly. But, hey! The only reason we watch this stuff at all is for the action and the action is delivered, though not in spades. Much of the running time is spent establishing Jaa's character's back story and childhood, of which I can't really complain about too much considering the movie actually makes sense because of it (as hackneyed as it may be). This time out, Jaa mixes it up with a variety of different martial arts styles but for the most part the focus is on weapons. The action is as well choreographed as ever, though things don't go balls-to-the-walls until the final few battles, and there isn't anything that comes close to the epic single running shot action sequence in The Protector. Ong Bak 2 still turns out to be a pretty good movie; that is until you realize that there is no ending. That's right. No ending whatsoever. All these bad guys still alive and an aching suspicion that the movie's funding got cut... or worse; that this is an attempt at a 2 part thing. Oh the horror.