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Pop Spoon


By: FetusFilmsInc

Genre: Horror

Added: 8 years ago

Views: 37

The story of a girl's ominous imaginary friend attempting to make others believe in him.

A completely original creation.

Review by: MiamiMovieCritic

Added: 8 years ago

Pop Spoon is the imaginary friend of a girl who's too old to have any. He's got a smudge of fresh blood on his face, and when he smiles at you, you want to fuggin run.

This delightfully creepy film shares some attributes with other FetusFilms shorts. The FF show description says, “Stylized, experimental and dramatic short films about the emotional states of adolescents.” This one definitely fits the bill. It’s a completely original creation in terms of characterization and visual design. The only thing that bugs me about it is that it’s too short. Just when I thought Pop Spoon was gonna start kicking ass, the film suddenly fades to black.

The framing choices are just right, amd the camera filters give the film a slightly smudgy, stylized look. The fantastic score is by Chase Horseman, who provides a jazzy, ominous backdrop to the title character's evil doings.

I wish this movie was the first in a series. I’d love to see Pop 2: The Spooning someday.