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Released: 2008

Genre: Documentary

Runtime: 1 hr 41 min

MPAA Rating: R

Director: Larry Charles

Starring: Bill Maher

Comedian Bill Maher sets out to prove how religion hurts us.

Definitely worth a laugh.

Review by: EvilWolfie

Added: 8 years ago

A documentary that is pretty much Bill Maher going around and making the religious community look like idiots. The fact that Maher is a complete jackass seems to make matters somehow more entertaining, right down to when he tells us all to "Grow up or die". Good, good stuff. His interviews cover a large range of people from the Senator that believes in talking snakes, to the guy that makes a living off of converting gays, to the Spanish guy who believes himself the second coming of Christ. It goes without saying that Religulous is completely biased, but really how couldn't it be. Definitely worth a laugh if you’re a non-religious bastard like myself and if you aren't... well you probably wouldn't be contemplating this one anyway.