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Repo! The Genetic Opera

Released: 2008

Genre: Horror

Runtime: 1 hr 37 min

MPAA Rating: R

Director: Darren Lynn Bousman

Starring: Alexa Vega, Paris Hilton, Paul Sorvino, Anthony Head, Sarah Brightman, Sarah Power, Dean Armstrong, J. LaRose, Rebecca Marshall

Cult flick set in a dystopian future where organ trading is big business.

Bizarre... audacious.

Review by: MiamiMovieCritic

Added: 8 years ago

One word: bizarre. The movie is a genuine opera, with almost no spoken dialogue. This inevitably results in stop-and-start pacing, and the effect is more akin to a collection of music videos than a movie. The plot is dystopian sci-fi: in the near future there's an epidemic of organ failures. A corporation named Geneco privatizes the black market of organ trading, and the "Repo Man" collects organs from people who can't afford to pay for them. There's a message in here somewhere about the American health care system, but it gets lost in the madness that is this movie. What saves it is the audacious direction of Darren Lynn Bousman (Saw II-IV). The movie has some dazzling special effects, and the Gothic costumes and set pieces are a riot to look at, sort of low-rent Tim Burton. Indeed, Repo! resembles nothing more than the twisted, misunderstood kid sister of Burton's blood-soaked musical Sweeney Todd. Unlike Sweeney, I can't imagine listening to the songs in Repo! on my iPod, but in the movie they get the job done. This has already gained a small cult following, and it's easy to see why: there's simply nothing else like it. With Alex Vega (from Spy Kids), Paris Hilton (ballsy enough to play an heiress who's the victim of a horribly botched plastic-surgery procedure) and the always entertaining Bill Moseley (from The Devil's Rejects).