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South Beach Undercover 'A Murder Noir'


By: A3Network

Genre: Romance

Added: 8 years ago

Views: 808

http://www.a3life.com - South Beach Undercover 'A Murder Noir'. Fabrizio Brienza is an ex model who is now a detective on South Beach... One night a beautiful girl arrives at his apartment and asks for help, she's the girlfriend of the biggest gangster in Miami. She needs protection and he agrees to help her... by the next morning his life is changed for ever - but not for the better... A Luciano Alexandrescu film, produced by 5th & Ocean Productions for A3 Network.

Captures the intoxicating but skin-deep atmosphere of Miami.

Review by: MiamiMovieCritic

Added: 8 years ago

If you go to the A3 Network show, what you’ll mostly see are beautiful, exotic-looking women in bikinis. (Not that I’m complaining.) South Beach Undercover ‘A Murder Noir’ is the show’s one dramatic piece, and judging by the merits of the film, I wish the show offered more.

Directed by Luciano Alexandrescu, ‘A Murder Noir’ isn’t perfect. The dialogue is good but some of the line readings are flat. The main actor is given a lot of dialogue, which isn’t necessarily a good thing because his accent is so thick. I was reminded of Plan 9 from Outer Space, in which the marble-mouthed wrestler turned “actor” Tor Johnson was given a ton of stuff to say.

But I have a hunch Alexandrescu’s tongue is planted firmly in cheek. The noirish, hard-boiled dialogue is often hilarious (“This town just sucks me dry”). The main character, Det. Fabrizio Brienza, used to be a model, so it’s natural that he occasionally comes across as a pinhead. Much like the rest of A3 Network’s output, the movie captures the intoxicating but skin-deep atmosphere of Miami. “Is this it? Is this all there is?” asks Fabrizio. I’m afraid so.

The plot is thin: Fabrizio drives around, meets a hottie who asks him for help, sleeps with her and ends up implicated in a crime. But the film noir elements are all there: the dry voiceover, the femme fatale, the striking black-and-white cinematography. They breathe life into an otherwise simple story. The music also contributes to the overall mood, which feels just right for this genre. The film has a cliffhanger ending. Is ‘A Murder Noir’ the first in a series? I for one hope so.