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The Crimes of Mister Lowry


By: marlontorres

Genre: Mystery & Suspense

Added: 8 years ago

Views: 36

It's the end of the line for John Lowry. After weeks of running from the law, a mysterious, yet familiar, stranger has finally cornered him him and now he must finally pay the consequences for his crimes.

For fans of Sin City.

Review by: MiamiMovieCritic

Added: 7 years ago

The Crimes of Mister Lowry has a pedestrian crime plot, and its ending is utter nonsense. But the visuals make the picture exhilarating anyway. This is for fans of Sin City.

At the center of the story is John Lowry, who’s just committed three crimes of passion. He’s killed his wife, lover and brother. A man in a trench coat arrives at Lowry’s high-rise apartment. The two men talk, then they talk some more. This long exchange is energized by flashbacks, and by the film-noir style of the lighting and camera set-ups. But two men talking in a room – that’s not exactly the most exciting way to tell a story.

The cinematography is what makes the film worthwhile. Director Marlon Torres makes use of the same coloring process that made films like Sin City and Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow so dazzling. The view from Lowry's apartment suggests we’re peering into a snow globe. There are brilliant flashes of color and light. It's enough to make you wish Torres had a better script on his hands. But The Crimes of Mister Lowry packs a visual punch that can't be denied.