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(the girl in the) Red Dress


By: openconceptfilms

Genre: Mystery & Suspense

Added: 8 years ago

Views: 382

Short film, just a test with my new Canon 500D camera, to see what it looked like in low light. Pretty happy with the results... definitely wouldn't blow it up to 35, but it does the trick, for just messing around and having a little fun.

There’s something classical about the framing and editing choices.

Review by: MiamiMovieCritic

Added: 8 years ago

This is a short film Jason Lupish shot to test out his new Canon 500D camera. He’s happy with the results, and so am I.

The movie looks great. The Christmas lights that illuminate the street at night, the blown-out white backgrounds, the neon signs and slow-motion shots – it’s all enough to make me want to eat this movie up. The girl in the red dress (played by Erica Sherwood) doesn’t hurt, either. There’s no real plot; we see her being stalked by a sinister off-screen presence. There’s something classical about the framing and editing choices. She could be a De Palma heroine as she scurries down the street – Angie Dickinson being chased by Michael Caine in drag in Dressed to Kill.

A word of advice to young filmmakers: avoid meaningless parentheses in your titles. The makers of 500 Days of Summer made the same mistake. You see what I just did there? I ignored the parentheses.