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Toss of the Coin


By: NYCHorrorFestival

Genre: Horror

Added: 8 years ago

Views: 79

Dark comedy revolving around two emissaries who arrive upon the death of a man. Finding that they both have the authority to collect his soul and realizing that severe consequences will ensue if either returns without it, a game of chance is played to determine the outcome.

Succeeds as both horror and comedy.

Review by: MiamiMovieCritic

Added: 8 years ago

The first scene of Toss of the Coin reminds me of something Wes Craven once said. Roughly translated, a horror movie has to have a great opening, and then you don’t have to hit the audience that hard again until the finale. This film is more comedy than horror, but boy is that opening a doozey.

A man is soaking in the tub when his cat starts playing with an electrical cord, causing a radio to fall into the bath water. Whoops! A horrifying electrocution follows: the water boiling, the man's skin glowing red, boils breaking out on his face... It's a horrific death scene, one that the rest of the movie never quite lives up to, but no matter.

An angel and a demon arrive, both laying claim to the man's soul. They soon discover that there's been a paperwork mistake, and try to come up with a compromise. Eventually, they decide the simplest solution is the best: a coin toss.

Patrick Steele's script (adapted from a story by Bart Everson), Josh McKewan’s costumes and Josh McKewan’s makeup are all tops. Toss of the Coin does something that’s very hard to do: it succeeds as both horror and comedy.