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Two Story House


By: NYCHorrorFestival

Genre: Horror

Added: 8 years ago

Views: 121

On her own for the first time, Jenny is determined to make things work without her boyfriend or her mother's help. But her new apartment may hold secrets that threaten more than her sleep.

It has an eerie tone and an impressive lead performance.

Review by: MiamiMovieCritic

Added: 7 years ago

Ah, the old white-people-in-jeopardy, haunted-house routine! Two Story House may not have anything new to add to this timeworn genre, but it has an eerie tone and an impressive lead performance.

The film’s most valuable asset is Anna Maggio, who stars as Jenny, the new tenant of a two story house. The landlady describes it as a great place to start a family, but Jenny doesn’t seem all that interested in having kids. She has a bf, but mostly she seems interested in living a quiet bohemian existence by herself. Given what happens later, it might have been more interesting if writer-director Brian Juergens had put a finer point on the fact that Jenny doesn’t want to have kids. Of course, it’s her concern for children that gets her in trouble in the first place.

Jenny starts hearing noises, and soon she concludes that the husband and wife next door are physically abusing their young daughter. Of course, she’s dead wrong. Nothing all that interesting happens in Two Story House; the film seems to have two events that repeat themselves: (1) Jenny hearing noises and (2) Jenny talking on the phone with her bf. The reason the film works is because of the execution. Listen to the way the rain hits the umbrellas in the opening and closing scenes – I want to LIVE in that sound. The lighting inside the house is also very effective – a dark place, full of secrets.

I have questions about this movie that aren’t fully answered. For instance, where does Jenny go to when her bf arrives? And what’s the relationship between the little girl and the landlady? Two Story House isn’t flawless, but it casts a spell nevertheless.