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Zomblogalypse Episode 7 - 'GROUND Z-RO'


By: MilesToneProductions

Genre: Horror

Added: 8 years ago

Views: 36

And so, Season 2 of the comedy-horror-blog-thing begins with a little jaunt (I think they call them flashbacks) to the beginning of our heroes' adventures - the day of the zombie apocalypse. Hannah, Tony and Miles - pre-blog-making antics - finish off their dissertations and head out into the streets with the 'fourth housemate' Adam, to join in the festivities they hear outside. Which could prove to be a bad move. Everything by Bungard, Hipwell and Watts. VISIT THE SITE AT WWW.ZOMBLOGALYPSE.COM AND BECOME A FAN ON FACEBOOK!

This series is nothing if not consistent – and consistently entertaining.

Review by: MiamiMovieCritic

Added: 8 years ago

The second season opener of Zomblogalypse rejoins our friends Hannah, Tony and Miles. It's a prequel-of-sorts, as we find out what these jaded slackers were up to when the apocalypse unleashed a horde of flesh-eating zombies.

The hilarious conceit of the video is that they were just as oblivious then as they are now. Holed up in their apartment along with their fourth roommate, Adam, they were working on their dissertations as what sounded like a wild parade (complete with fireworks) raged outside. They go for a walk, the fireworks turn out to be machine guns, and Adam dies a gruesome death-by-zombie (which Miles has no qualms about filming while refusing to help in anyway at all).

The funny thing about Zomblogalypse – and what makes it feel like a modest-but-true generational statement – is the way in which the camera dictates behavior. The characters are always aware of the fourth wall, and their first concern isn't safety or even the possibility of dying but rather, "How will this look on camera?" So when a zombie starts chowing down on Adam's neck, what Miles is probably thinking is, "This is going to look great on YouTube!"

The series was made as a response to George A. Romero's Diary of the Dead, which the filmmakers don't like but I do. Romero's opus was a little more provocative and a little less rough around the edges. But Bungard, Hipwell and Watts (who also star) have managed to capture some surreal, gut-busting images – like the sight of a zombie ramming headfirst into a sign. This series is nothing if not consistent – and consistently entertaining.