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RSS is a set of web feed formats used to publish and syndicate blogs, news columns, audio, video and other frequently updated web content. You can use RSS to receive regular updates from all your favorite web locations in one place, instead of having to visit each website.
Use our RSS feeds to stay updated with all that happens on FilmNet. Listed below are some of our most popular feeds:
Keep in mind that you can easily subscribe not only to these common feeds, but also to many custom feeds, including any available configuration of filters and sorting.
For example, in the Films section, use the left menu to filter the kind of videos you like to watch (Type, Genre, Runtime, etc), then click the RSS button in the top left corner of the content box. The resulting feed will supply new films which fit the criteria you set. The same can be done with a search. Type a keyword into the search bar and click Search. Click the RSS button on the search results page and you have a feed that constantly supplies videos fitting that search criteria.
Through RSS you can also subscribe to your favorite shows and stay tuned with their latest video updates, as well as to any user’s updates while outside of FilmNet. Just visit a show page or a profile of a person you want to stay updated about and select RSS button. The respective URL will look like this:
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