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FilmNet is an entertainment and communication portal featuring a vast video library of independently produced films, web series, music videos and movie reviews together with real-time social networking tools, and an extensive film industry database. It’s a perfect daily resource for finding fun new things to watch and discuss or, if you’re a filmmaker, to exhibit your own work and find collaborative partners and resources.

Navigating the Site

The top menu gives you access to the key sections of the site.

  • The Films section features a rich selection of top quality films and videos.
  • The Shows section presents related videos, such as episodes, compiled into series or collections.
  • The Music section features a library of music videos and live music performances organized by music genres.
  • The Reviews section brings you a wealth of review articles about theatrical, DVD and FilmNet films as well as interviews with talented directors.
  • The Community section is your portal to finding friends on FilmNet, seeing the latest updates from people you know and participating in forum discussions.
  • The Network section is the home of our extensive database of films, filmmakers, companies, film festivals and schools. Here you can find detailed information and resources for independent film production, as well as to add or edit your own professional listing.
  • The Upload button leads you directly to the video upload center. (You need to be logged in to your FilmNet account to upload videos).

All the sections and some subsections of the site are also accessible using the convenient bottom toolbar, which can be customized to suit your needs. The toolbar also contains the message system which allows you to chat live with your friends.

The FilmNet Video Player

All videos on FilmNet are presented in a large, robust, high-quality player that loads and streams quickly and reliably. Whether in “theatrical” (video playback page) or compact mode (Show page), the player offers a number of convenient playback and sharing features.

The control bar lets you hover to any time in the video (with an optional ability to see a thumbnail preview of any given point). Clicking a place, makes the video resume playing from that point in time.

The HD button lets you choose whether to play a standard or high definition version of the video when the latter is available. But even standard definition has a minimum resolution of 640x480 which is quite high quality.

The menu contains options for sharing the video with others or enhancing the viewing experience.

The FilmNet Community

FilmNet is home to many types of users – directors, actors, animators, musicians, just plain fans of film and many others. After filling out your profile to give others a sense of who you are and what you do, you can start to gather friends as well as subscribe to the creators of content you like to watch.

Staying in touch is easy through real-time updates, comments, direct messages and a live chat available on any page, in the toolbar!

Leave feedback on films and reviews, share your knowledge in the forums, find friends with the same taste in movies or music, and much more.

Your Profile

FilmNet combines a premium viewing experience with rich social networking tools. After browsing our vast content library and reading reviews you may want to take a break and discuss them with your friends.

The user profile is your personal space on the site. You can fill it with any information you like and administer its content (updates, comments, friends, pictures, videos) instantly at all times. You can find new friends and communicate with them, upload and share your personal photos and videos, subscribe to text updates or new videos/photos from other users and set up your personal privacy preferences.

Site Toolbar

The toolbar is available on any page of FilmNet.com and provides a convenient way to navigate the entire site and communicate with your friends.

The “Settings” button opens a condensed version of the top menu as well as a few additional shortcuts to important sections of FilmNet. These can be dragged to change the order for your convenience, as well as added or removed from the toolbar.

The “Share” button allows you to quickly post a link to the current page of FilmNet on other popular social networking sites.

The “Translate” button uses the Google Language tools to generate a translated version of the page you are viewing in other languages. In the near future, internally translated (regional) versions of FilmNet will become available. For now, the Translate button is a convenient way to keep the site accessible to non-English speakers.

The “Chat” button opens an instant messaging chat. This allows you to communicate with friends directly, in real-time. You can create groups to keep your list of friends organized.

Pressing the Hide button makes the toolbar disappear to make more space for the page. The button itself always remains visible and pressing it again restores the toolbar.

The Network Database

The database is a highly browsable, jam-packed information source for all things related to independent film. You can find your favorite filmmakers, detailed data about specific films, musicians and actors.

Members of FilmNet who produce or distribute content can create or edit their own listing in the database, but many filmmakers who are not yet members of FilmNet have already been added by our editors. The database can assist locating crew, actors as well as prop and equipment resources for your next production.

Submitting Content

Any registered member of FilmNet can upload videos using the Upload form. The video appears on the user’s profile shortly after uploading (assuming it does not violate any terms of our Member Agreement).

Especially good videos are selected by our editors to be in the Films or Music sections. You can nominate your upload for this consideration in the upload form. You can also nominate other videos you see on profiles by writing to content@filmnet.com

Uploading can be done either through the standard upload form or using FTP client.


Now that you’ve had a chance to get familiar with FilmNet and watch some of our films, join the fun! Creating an account is free and will allow you to participate in the FilmNet community with comments, updates and videos of your own!

You also have the option of logging in through one of the several third-party accounts, including Facebook Connect, in which case you don't even need to create an account. For example, simply click the Facebook Connect button in the header and use your Facebook username and password. (Your info is safe and is not collected by us.)