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Account Type: Company First Name: Thomas Last Name: Smith Gender: Male Age: 0 Location: Mobile, United States About: Fighting Owl Films was founded in 2003 as a production moniker for our student films. The name stuck, despite our best efforts. After a hiatus from film production, Fighting Owl Films is back and more ambitious than ever.

We have several short scripts ready to film so keep an eye out for filming and production updates. As soon as the films are complete we'll post them on the site for your viewing pleasure. The main goal of Fighting Owl Films is to produce our own independent feature film. As you may know, financing a feature film isn't cheap. While we work towards our goal of getting this film off the ground we'll be hosting various fundraisers to raise financing for production.

Fighting Owl Films focuses mainly on the production of 'genre' films, which can encompass action, horror, science fiction and anything in between. Why genre films? Because it's what we enjoy. Genre films are a lot of fun to make and they're just as fun to watch. They allow filmmakers to tell stories, share ideas and sometimes tackle controversial topics with subtlety as opposed to an 'in your face' approach. But that doesn't mean we're ruling out ever producing a full-blooded drama, comedy or romance; we're just waiting on the right idea.

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The Night Shift

22:58 8 years ago


02:59 8 years ago

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