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Co-Founder & CEO
Timothy oversees the overall technical and business strategy, website development, and day-to-day operations. He works closely with the technology team managing the website programming and design workflow, and shares responsibility for content aggregation and strategic partnerships with Alan Melikdjanian and Justin Heber.
Timothy brings to FilmNet a diversity of management and technical skills in business planning, website development and operations. Prior to FilmNet Timothy was a Co-Founder & CEO of Openfilm.com. Previously he was COO and Chairman of Nival Interactive and Director of Business Development at Ener1 Group. Timothy is a graduate of Moscow State University, where he received his MS degree in Theoretical Physics.
Co-Founder & Creative Director
Alan is a filmmaker, visual effects artist and animator. He is involved in all creative aspects of the company’s operation, from concept and design work on the continuously evolving site to communication with content partners and users, as well as writing and content production.
Alan’s personal contacts with some of the Web’s most visible filmmakers and production studios are essential for establishing FilmNet as a next step in content-based social networking. A BFA graduate of Miami International University of Art & Design, Alan has worked with organizations like Discovery, Painless Entertainment, IVM Productions and others, and has produced several independent projects including a feature film and an acclaimed web series “Captain Disillusion”. Prior to FilmNet Alan was a Co-Founder & Director of Content at Openfilm.
Co-Founder & Senior Vice President
Justin is in constant communication with organizations interested in becoming strategic partners with FilmNet, including film festivals and film schools. He is also responsible for FilmNet’s strategic business development with respect to distribution partners, legal, financial, administrative and marketing activities.
Justin brings to FilmNet over 25 years of management experience in interactive consumer products businesses. He was VP of Namco America, Senior VP of Virgin Interactive Entertainment and VP of Business Development at Midway Games. He founded overseas subsidiaries for Virgin and Midway, and has overseen key partner licenses with film studios (Disney, Warner, MCA Universal), hardware companies (Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, Sega), and sports celebrities. Most recently Justin served as a VP of Business Development at Openfilm working together with Timothy Pastushkin and Alan Melikdjanian.
Senior Content Manager
When not getting blown away as a bodyguard in the movie "Witness", Enrique oversees content aggregation and communicates with many of FilmNet’s content partners. He is also working on establishing new strategic opportunities and on FilmNet’s operations in New York.
Enrique received his BFA in Film Production from Miami International University of Art & Design and has regularly worked on crews for a wide range of films and television programs, for companies such as TLC, MTV and Bravo.
Senior Staff Writer & Community Manager
Stephen is a journalist, writer and film critic. He publishes the site’s official film reviews as MiamiMovieCritic, and manages the company’s relationships with a fast growing community of external critics and writers.
Stephen is a graduate of Miami International University as well as the University of Kansas, where he hosted an entertainment-centered radio program, interviewed prominent celebrities such as Tom Cruise and Billy Bob Thornton and wrote articles for the Daily Kansan newspaper.