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Account Type: Director First Name: Giles Last Name: Timms Gender: Male Age: 0 Location: Los Angeles, United States About: Giles Timms is a director, animator, designer and filmmaker.

Inspired by Russian Cut-Out Animation, Comics and Expressionism, Giles has cultivated a distinctive technique that is textural, stylized and painterly. Using history and its motifs, Giles creates pop surreal worlds that are grounded in the real - 3D worlds in a flat 2D paper style.

Giles’ films and music videos have won several film festival awards and honors and have also been featured on such notable sites as Boing Boing, Motionographer, Cartoon Brew and Juxtapoz.

Giles works freelance and has worked with several prominent clients including Walter Robot Studios, FUBU Clothing NY/Korea, Samsung Cheil Industries Inc., UCLA, and academy award nominated director, Jeffery Blitz. As an animator, Giles has worked on a Death Cab for Cutie music video and his work has screened at the Sundance Film Festival and the Los Angeles Film Festival.

Originally from Wales, Giles currently lives in sunny Los Angeles and graduated with an MFA in animation from the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television. He is represented by Rwmedia and Duck Studios.


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