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Account Type: Company First Name: Manic Attack Gender: Male Age: 0 Location: New York, United States About: A team of writers, directors, actors, and artists who got together and created a manic universe of comedy. It is a land filled with characters who not only act in, but also create the world which you view. They have created ManicTV. They have created products which sponsor their programming. And they have also created some strange and amazing music to share with the world. Many of the characters find themselves in multiple story lines as they strive to find their place in this ManicAttack. You can interact with them on facebook, myspace, and bebo. You can also share photos with them on flickr. Or you can just send them hate mail. The characters and stories you will find on ManicAttack are filled with hope, desperation, longing, happiness and sadly enough, sometimes hatred. We prefer to show the seedier side of life, however we are not seedy humans. We are just a bunch of humans who can't stop laughing at the world we live in. So stop by and take some time to explore our characters, web series, and share what you love and hate in the forums. Stop by our vault where you can check out the latest gag reels, out-takes, and extras from your favorite and least favorite Manic Characters. With over 60 characters and five web series, there is a ton of fun and bizarre comedy to explore. Embrace the Mania!

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Mommy Menthol Ep. 5

03:12 7 years ago

Mommy Menthol Ep. 4

04:07 7 years ago

Mommy Menthol Ep. 3

05:29 7 years ago

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