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General Information

Account Type: Company First Name: Miles Last Name: Watts Gender: Male Location: York, United Kingdom About: MilesTone Productions is a film company run by Miles Watts and Tony Hipwell from the lovely English town of York. MilesTone's ethic is that if you want to make something you can make it for little to no money, and have a damn good time in the process. Oh and then find an audience, out there, somewhere...

Operating with only a couple of cameras, a Mac and a PC, MilesTone have created the cult comedy-zombie web series Zomblogalypse, with their feature film CrimeFighters getting a festival and theatrical release this year.

Zomblogalypse Season 3 runs from May-October 2010, with a planned feature on the horizon...

Interests & Hobbies

Activities: Making films, watching films, filming films, films films films. And karaoke.

Contact Information

Personal Details

Language: English