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General Information

Account Type: Director First Name: Simone Last Name: Damiani Gender: Male Age: 37 Location: Rome, Italy About: Simone Damiani was born in 1980 in Civitavecchia, a small town near Rome. Torno Subito is his first movie.

He starts playing with the camera at 16. From that moment he never stops.

He discovers what he wants to do of his life during the "School of the Arts" in Civitavecchia. His teachers were Steven Natanson, Daniele Vicari, Stefano Reali e Salvatore Basile, famous italian directors and scriptwriters.

In 2007 he directed "Ritorno a Casa", a docufiction for History Channel.

Between 2002 and 2005 he shots music videos for Virgin Uk, EMI Music and Rai Trade.

From 2008 he works as a filmmaker and author for Current Tv Italy and Mtv South. You can watch all this stuff online surving to:



From 2009 he works as a filmmaker and author for Endemol Italy - Yam112003, creating formats for Bonsai Tv.

Watch "17x6":


Watch "Holy Condom":


The 6th of October he published on web "Torno Subito", the first feature film in the world available for free in HD.

The feature film is available for streaming on:


Contact Information

Personal Details

Language: English, Italian
Birthday: May 6, 1980