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Account Type: Company First Name: Thomas Last Name: Buenger Gender: Male Age: 0 Location: Östringen, Germany About: We started making films in 2003 with very limited rescources, basically just a simple camera and ourselves as actors. In 06 we got together with director Christian te Baay to shoot our first actual film, Green Room. This project was some kind of kickstart for us since we it was our first real film and we learned quite a bit shooting for 6 days and editing the film for almost half a year.
One year later we started working on our next project, Clam Voice. Using the knowledge we had optained shooting Green Room we actually managed to make a movie that ended up being over half an hour long and got some good reviews in several german low budget film forums on the web.
Another year later, Gregor and I shot our first own film with Thomas Koch as our lead actor: Graue Masse. This 5 minute short film ended up on the big screen on several german short film festivals: the "Werkstatt fuer junge Filmer" in Wiesbaden, the "Jugendvideopreis 2009" in Stuttgart and others. It even got broadcasted on a regional TV station.

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Language: English, German