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General Information

Account Type: Director First Name: Tim Last Name: Olsen Gender: Male Age: 26 Location: Madison, United States About: Tim Olsen’s passion for filmmaking was ignited at the age of seven when his parents allowed him to experiment with the family’s old VHS video camera. Tim quickly discovered that behind the lens of a camera he could captivate a crowd while entertaining a viewing audience. Over the years, Tim has immersed himself in film, acting, writing, and performing music; however, his enthusiasm for filmmaking remains his true artistic passion.

Despite his relatively young age, Tim Olsen has developed an impressive resume. By the time he turned 18, Tim had worked on two independent feature films with Frank & Frank Productions: Going Great White (2006), and Lake Jimmy (2009). In his role as a Production Assistant with Frank & Frank Productions, Tim gained experience in lighting, sound, and film direction. Olsen currently manages his own production company, Edge Line Studios. Edge Line Studios was founded in 2007 and, under Olsen’s direction, produces short films and music videos.

Olsen’s other film projects and accolades include: filming Buckets for Hunger—in association with the NBA (2005); won a WACP (Wisconsin Association of PEG Access Channels) Award in the “Best Music Video” category (2006); worked for Squeeky Wagon Productions as a sound mixer—founded by the award-winning videographer, Pete McPartland Jr. (2007); mixed sound for “Cooking the Casbah” television program (2007); and Olsen directed, filmed and edited the “Nova Scotia Farewell” music video for the award-winning

Personal Details

Birthday: May 2, 1990
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