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General Information

Account Type: Director First Name: Vincent Last Name: Moon Gender: Male Age: 37 Location: Paris, France About: Vincent Moon is the alter ego of devil-does-all Mathieu Saura. Music pounds like a central vein running through his body of work.

Famous for introducing the concept of 'take away concerts' with 'la blogotheque', he has also directed several videos for the national and is currently working on two musicfilms.

His website consists of two parts 'day/jour' and 'night/nuit' and this duality is also something personal for moon. "I really think the new technologies are accelerating our schizophrenic sides, and I tried to manage it from the beginning, being Mathieu Saura during the day and Vincent Moon at night. Vincent Moon always aims to create something new for all parties involved," he said. "I think cinema at its best, is a way to impact the reality, to create things in this reality, and then to re-sublime this reality by the act of editing. One simple example: a night in Paris, I did a video with a band called "Hidden Cameras", just after their show. I asked them to go out to play in front of their audience, which was still there outside of the venue. They were OK, and then they played for twenty minutes with everybody clapping and singing and being so happy. The camera was just an excuse to create this, but after the first second they began playing, they forgot the camera and this moment existed. I didn't even need to record it. That's cinema to me. Then, the traces of such moments, in the films, are just dust, sometimes beautiful dust..."

Contact Information

Email: Website: http://www.fiumenights.com

Personal Details

Marital Status: Married
Birthday: August 25, 1979
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