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General Information

Account Type: Director First Name: Alek Last Name: Wasilewski Gender: Male Age: 0 Location: Warsaw, Poland About: Born in Warsaw, Poland in George Orwell's year of choice. I am said to be fascinated with dark, ugly and macabre themes, but the truth is I just love telling stories I happen to find interesting.
Besides animation, I also try telling stories through photography, comics, graphic artwork and writing. Animation has proven most successful to date - doing web animation since 2003, my short films earned some decent recognition and awards, with most notable being Best Web Animation award for Polsupah on BAF 2005. I was also featured as a finalist in The Greatest Story Never Told (TGSNT) Digital Storytelling Competion in 2006 and 2007.

Outside the monitors, my animations reached festivals, shows, TV programmes, as well as galleries and concerts scattered all around the world, Poland, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, UK, Hong Kong, Macedonia, Brazil, Australia or USA.

Contact Information

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A Christmas Special

02:40 8 years ago

Hanged Man's Elegy

05:00 8 years ago

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