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General Information

Account Type: Director First Name: Kevin Last Name: CW Maistros Gender: Male Age: 31 Location: Seattle, United States About: Kevin CW Maistros, born in Cleveland, Ohio, has found himself immersed within the music, film, fashion, and entertainment industry since the early age of 14. Now at the helm of a fully functional media development company, he has become widely known and recognized for his unique artistry and innovative approach.

In 2007, Kevin became the first filmmaker to shoot an entire music video in reverse slow motion without cutting. The video, made for the side-project act for Puddle of Mudd guitarist, Christian Stone, was made with the singer performing backwards and at two and a half times the normal speed of the song, in order to achieve the desired effect.

Kevin is also experienced through the realm of more traditional cinematography. In February 2004, Kevin traveled to the country of Nicaragua to produce, direct, and shoot various themes and locations for commercial, tourism, and development spots. During this time he was often shooting underwater, in dangerous locations, and in the air. Having shot over the edge of a smoking volcanic crater at the top of Mount Nicaragua to operating a Steadi-Cam from the skids of an open-helicopter, Kevin has always been driven to capture nothing less than the shot he desires. Still to this day, Maistros insists on shooting at least some part of his videos. This habit leaves a personal stamp on his work which has become recognizable to many.

Contact Information

Cell: 1-206-913-9217 Email: Website: http://www.kvnfilm.com/directors/kevinmaistros/

Personal Details

Language: English
Birthday: July 1, 1985
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Blane - Two Legs

02:51 8 years ago

Buried In Vegas

04:19 8 years ago

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