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General Information

Account Type: Director First Name: Sil Last Name: van der Woerd Gender: Male Age: 34 Location: Netherlands About: In 2005, Sil van der Woerd, born in the Netherlands in 1982, finished his study Fine Arts (Cum Laud) at the Academy of Art and Design in Arnhem, the Netherlands. At the Academy, Sil started using film and mixed new media, live action and dominant soundtracks to express his fictitious, atmospheric worlds.

In 2004 his short film 'Duet' started to gain public attention and had a series of succesful festival plays. Then the short film 'Swim' went global and brought home several awards and nominations.

After his study in the Netherlands, Sil studied at Gnomon School of Visual Effects in Hollywood. At Gnomon, Sil learned lots of new techniques that he exhibited in his award winning music video 'Worms' for singer Lolly Jane Blue.

'Worms' was the beginning of a colaboration between Sil and the singer where they started to built a visual world around the songs. This resulted in photography and visuals that were projected during live performances. The making of 'Worms' was covered in a 10 hour training DVD series recorded at the Gnomon Workshop.

By 2009 'Duet', 'Swim' and 'Worms' received a combined total close to 2 million views on YouTube. In between, Sil created an underwater sequence for the 9th edition of Sensation, the world's leading dance event and did freelance work for OneSize, a Dutch Motion Graphics company.

Currently, Sil is back at Gnomon, this time as Artist in Residence.

As of 2009, Sil is represented in the US by Digital Domain.

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Personal Details

Language: English
Birthday: May 30, 1982