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TORNO SUBITO is our movie. It is the worlds first free movie on the web in HD! To watch it you dont need to take your car, look for a park and neither get any ticket. For us, making a movie is like playing in a team. And the tim who win isnt’ that one made by champions, maybe talented but selfish. The winning team is that one in ... (More)



  7 years ago



Type: Short Film

Genre: Comedy

Tags: torno subito comedy

Cast & Crew
Simone Damiani
Director, scriptwriter – Regista, sceneggiatore

Francesca Sofia Allegra
First Assistant Director, editor, collaboration to the script – Aiuto regista, montatore, collaborazione alla sceneggiatura

Barbara Di Micco
Production director – Direttore di produzione

Fabio Tibaldi
Operator – Cinematographer – Operatore, Direttore della Fotografia

Antonino Musco
Sound Engineer – Fonico di presa diretta

Luca Damiani
Set designer – Scenografo